Jumaat, 19 Ogos 2011

Living A life With Your Heart

So Kali ini aku nak share beberapa kisah terbaru, yang aku dapat daripada orang sekitar aku tentang pencarian kerja dalam kehidupan. Aku akan includekan beberapa pengajaran dan beberapa kata-kata hikmat yang menarik oleh mereka-mereka tersebut.

"I was in Al-Azhar University in Egypt learning about Pharmacy for several years. It was only about one or two years until graduation that I got the Visa to enter this Country. It was either the choice to finish my studies in Pharmacy or going to America living the American Dreams. I chose to come here. life was hard and my father and family came later after me. I came here and studied in Drake for couple of years until I realize that that was not what i wanted to do. I was studying in Al-Azhar back then was because in Egypt, if you don't have any degree or study certificate you would just be a cleaner or work like a nobody as that was how the system in Egypt was. After stop school, I took up this job now and I love it, now i have a great life. Married, love my sons and daughter, the pay is good and I can work anytime I want. When choosing what you want to do, always trust yourself and love what you do"
-Abdul Hakeem

"I had everything I could possibly want in my life since I was little. Everyone in the South East Asia have heard about my father's name and our house was next to the Palace in Laos. My father was the great political advisor of the country and there was lots of name in letters and portrait in my house. I did not recognize any of it until I went to high school and learn the world history. All those names were easily recognized by me and they had always been my father's friend. I knew all the Royal grandchildren and political power and my family was quite powerful in Laos. If I were to go back there, 1/5 of the country land are own by my family an I could be whoever I wanna become. I've experienced and seen many things, living on the street and do countless of works. But here, this is what I wanted. Everything you do, always follow your heart(while tapping his left chest), It was always here that it counts. You become what you want to be"
-Hoshi Sushi Owner

Ok so sekarang aku nak cerita serba sedikit mengenai orang yang memberi speech2 berikut.

Orang pertama adalah Abdul Hakeem iaitu anak sedare kepada Landlord Rumah Agam ni. Dia merupakan seorang sub-kontraktor dan dialah yang melakukan semua kerja baik pulih dan pembaikan setiap kerosakan di rumah aku ni.

Orang kedua adalah tokey kedai Hoshi Sushi yang aku selalu makan masa lapar-lapar. Tadi dia belanja aku makan Sushi satu platter besar harga 60 dollar kot. Makan free sebab aku dah graduate dan tu antara pesanan akhir dia lah.

I have several things that I would like to say about their last reminder to me:

1- They both lead their life based on the background of their world surrounding and had experienced a lot, only until some point in life that they decided that they have something more that they need to search
2- They both ended up leaving things they had for things that they are passionate about and try their best in life
3- They lead a happy life full of satisfaction doing what they wanna do and not what other people told them to do.
4- I think I gotta start searching for something that I really am passionate about and produce good results based on how I perceive is the best about the world.

PEace no WAr!

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