Sabtu, 11 Disember 2010

The End of A semester

Well, it is quite some time since I came back here from Malaysia. 23rd October 2010. came with Kaber and with new motivation of keeping a low profile life.
Well, what can i say? Really did achieved that though. Not really into new friends this semester and most of my time was just spent at home.

This coming Monday is my Final Exam week 1st paper. Its Fin150. Quite hard and dont know what i will get. Next is the Linear Algebra and Statistic on Tuesday and IS101 in Wednesday.

After that, need to prepare several other things and be ready for the longest trip ever in my life!
hehe. 15 friends gonna drive together for more than 20days. hope everything will be well and no fighting pweaseeee!

Maybe targetting Oklahoma, Texas, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, CAlifornia, Colorado and Nebrasca.

If im out and not replying anything. just text me man...... numbers on my fb

have a good one

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